5 Films About Thanksgiving: Day 1 – The Ice Storm

23 Nov

Turkey, candied yams, family, and football all usher in the beginning of my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving, that jovial holiday for giving thanks for the blessings we’ve gotten over the prior year, is usually overlooked by Hollywood in favor of the much more commercial holiday that follows only a month away. However, there are a handful of films that take place on this festive day, and I’ve decided to give a few of them a look and present the results here in this blog I’ve titled…

A Week of Thanks

5 Films about Thanksgiving

Day 1

Film #1

~ The Ice Storm ~

Director: Ang Lee
Year: 1997
Cast: Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, Katie Holmes
Language: English
Country: United States
Specs: 112 mins. / Color / OAR 1.37:1 / MPAA Rating: R

Ben (Kline) and Elena (Allen) Hood are in a miserable marriage, and have two children (Ricci and Maguire) who are negatively affected by the marital situation. All are involved in extramarital affairs or drug use of some sort, and find that those they are involved with are equally as troubled as they, to disastrous results.

It’s tough to get behind a film where none of the characters have any redeeming qualities. In such a situation, I find it hard to like any of them, thus find myself numb to any “hardships” they may suffer throughout the film. This, sadly, is the situation with “The Ice Storm”.

The film is shot well, features a beautifully somber musical score, and is stocked with an excellent cast that any director would welcome. Unfortunately, the story just wasn’t engrossing enough for even this caliber of talent to rescue. The film, for starters, could have been set during any time of the year. There is nothing in the film that makes it a Thanksgiving film, other than the mentions a few times here and there. Furthermore, the ending that was supposed to be a heart wrenching finale, was seen from a mile away (actually about the halfway point of the movie, to be precise). Lastly, other than that unfortunate incident, there is nothing else as far as consequences left in the film, with one nagging question regarding Maguires character left unresolved.

The most interesting thing about the film was the constant reference to “The Fantastic Four” with Maguires character (who himself was Marvel’s other comic book star, “Spider-man”.) Of course, director Ang Lee would later direct that other Marvel film “Hulk” a few years later.

Not a horrible film, but not a memorable one either. I can understand why this was a bomb at the box office upon its initial release. Nobody wants to commit suicide during Thanksgiving week, or see a movie that is akin to that.

Aye, I need a drink. Wait a minute, then I’d be like every character in the film. On second thought…

My Rating: *** / C-

Available from Amazon: The Ice Storm – (The Criterion Collection)


Amazon Video On Demand: The Ice Storm

Stay tuned…

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