5 Films About Thanksgiving: Day 2 – Home for the Holidays

23 Nov

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about more than football and Turducken, right? There is more to this holiday than the perennial Macy’s Parade and John Madden. There is, of course, quirky comedy films about the family all getting together for the mishap that often is the family meal. It’s in this spirit that today’s film gets a viewing…

A Week of Thanks

5 Films about Thanksgiving

Day 2

Film #2

~ Home for the Holidays ~

Director: Jody Foster
Year: 1995
Cast: Anne Bancroft, Holly Hunter, Robert Downey, Jr., Claire Danes, Charles Dunning, Cynthia Stevenson, Geraldine Chaplin
Language: English
Country: United States
Specs: 103 mins. / Color / OAR 1.85:1 / MPAA Rating: PG-13

Claudia Larson (Hunter), upon being fired from her job, decides to return to her parents home for a family gathering during Thanksgiving. Upon arriving, she soon realizes what a misfit dysfunctional family she has, and attempts to find sanity in the midst of the madness.

I guess it’s true what they say, comedy is subjective. In the case of “Home for the Holidays”, I must have left my sense of humor at the checkout at the local video store.

For some, incestuous brothers, pot smoking as cool and normal, and an entire family of uninteresting caricatures may be knee slapping hilarious. For me, however, its the recipe for a bleak and dull film that feels more bland than Aunt Petunia’s giblet gravy.

The film is rescued from the pits of the doldrums by the always excellent acting from Downey, Jr., (one of the most underrated actors of the current era, in my humble opinion), and Chaplin as the crazy Aunt. (Interesting note: Downey had played Geraldine’s real life father, Charlie, in the 1995 Richard Attenborough film, “Chaplin”).

Sadly, even their performances help little with interest in their characters. I stated before that it’s hard to get behind the film if the characters are uninteresting, and that is the case here in droves. I believe I’m not alone, as the film was a box office bomb, and the last for director Foster in the helmers chair.

Hopefully, there are more interesting films to be “thankful for” coming. For now, on this Thanksgiving post, I give to you….a turkey…

My Rating: ** / D

Available from Amazon: Home for the Holidays


Amazon Video on Demand: Home for the Holidays

Stay tuned…

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