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31 Days of Howl-oween: Day 28 – Night of the Comet

I remember as a youth that my cousin loved today’s film, even considering it one of the best zombie films ever.  I, however, had never seen the film.  I’m not entirely sure why, as I remember hearing about it throughout my childhood.

Perhaps I had gotten all the “Night of the” films (“Night of the Living Dead”, “Night of the Iguana”, “Night of the Blood Monster”, etc.) confused, and wasn’t sure which one to rent when I went to the local video rental mom and pop.

Because I’ve never seen most of the “Night of the” films (even though they are not related), I decided to give this one a look for today’s review.

31 Days of Howl-oween

A Review of Films Filled with Frights

Day 28

Film #28

~ Night of the Comet ~

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